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How do I get my rewards?

For every survey you participate in, you will receive an incentive that you can convert into cash through PayPal or into Amazon vouchers to spend how you like. The amount of the reward is included in every invitation.

As your rewards add up for taking part in our paid surveys online, you can keep track of how many you’ve completed, and how much you’ve earned, in your account area. When you’ve reached the magic figure of £8 you can withdraw your rewards in cash via PayPal*. If you wish to withdraw your rewards in the form of an Amazon voucher, you can do so when you reach a threshold of £10.

By paying you rewards via PayPal, we give you the option to transfer the cash rewards direct to your UK bank account. You can also spend the cash online easily using PayPal in most major online retailers. Opening a PayPal account is free and very easy. Please click here for more information.

The good news is, as soon as you’ve joined Points for Opinions and activated your account, you can start building up your rewards quickly.

*PayPal fees apply when you withdraw via this method. PayPal is a third party, any fees and rates are independent of Points for Opinions and covered by the user. 

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