We take your privacy and data protection very seriously.

Points for Opinions adhere to the following international codes of conduct and best practice:

ICC/ESOMAR international code on market and social research
MRS – Online Research Guidelines
Data Protection Act – 1998

For more information on our policies and standards click here.

The Points for Opinions panel is run by an international independent market research boutique agency called Aisber Ltd. We are headquartered in the UK.

From time to time we run recruitment campaigns from third-party contact lists who may have acquired your email address from a range of sources. These include sales contact lists from companies you may previously have bought from. If you do not wish us to contact you again after we send you an email of this nature, you can unsubscribe from all future contacts by using the link in the email we have sent you.

The Points for Opinions panel is a group of individuals who are interested in helping public organisations, well known brands as well as high street retailers and other companies find out what people think and why. Members of our panel are invited by email to answer online research surveys to share their opinions. In return they are rewarded for their time in money.


Anyone who is a UK resident.

You have to be 16 or over to join Points for Opinions. We will ask you to confirm that you are at least 16 years old before we accept you onto the panel.

If you are younger than 16 but want to take part, you will need to ask your parents or a guardian to join the panel. They may then be sent invitations for surveys for younger people and can pass them onto you.

Registration for Points for Opinions is entirely free – you will NOT be asked for any payment at any time. On the contrary, it is you who will earn rewards by taking part in surveys and other studies sent to you by us.

Its easy and quick to join – all you need to do is:

1.Click on the sign up button and fill in a registration form.
2.Open the confirmation email sent to you when it arrives.
3.Fill in your profile information.

You will then be eligible to take part in surveys.

When you register for free with Points for Opinions, you will have the chance of being invited to participate in our interesting online research studies. To maximise the opportunity of receiving surveys that are relevant to you, there are questionnaires in your profile known as “further profiling”, which are not rewarded, BUT will help us send you the right kind of surveys so you can begin taking part as soon as possible.

There may be a delay of up to a few days while our systems process your profile information. This process allows us to start sending you the most suitable surveys. These surveys will be sent to you via an email invitation that contains a link to the survey. By clicking that link, you will be taken to the survey, where you can fill in your responses. These surveys are usually paid between £0.50 and £7.00, although sometimes we will send you shorter surveys that help us to get to know you better, and are, as such, unpaid. Nevertheless, they allow us to keep updating your profile so that we can keep sending you appropriate surveys.

We’ll send you invitations to paid surveys that you qualify for, and we’ll also list the same surveys on your member account page. You can find a record of your rewards earned from completing paid surveys in your member account page too.

My account area and receiving surveys

Please note our system will only accept the first part of your postcode during registration. For example, if your postcode is TW1 4RT, you would need to enter TW1 only.

Please check the following points when entering your postcode:

1.You are only entering the first part of the postcode, i.e. if your postcode is TW1 4RT – you would only enter TW1.

2.When you enter the first part of your postcode, please don’t leave any extra spaces before, in-between or at the end of the postcode (this can often cause the system to reject the postcode).

3.If the above points don’t help, then please clear your internet browser history and cookies and re-enter the registration page and try again.

To redeem your rewards, you need to sign in to your account and click on “Your Profile”. Then click on the “Redeem Rewards” tab.

To be able to claim a reward you will need to have a balance of £10.00 or more in your account.

Yes. Just log in; from the main menu, select “Account”; click on the “My details” tab; and update your details.

If you can’t remember your registered email address, follow these steps to retrieve it:

1.Visit the contact page.
2.Enter your contact email address.
3.Enter the name you used when registering.
4.Enter “I forgot my password” in the subject line.
5.Please complete the message field with any information that may help us identify your user account.
6.Click “Submit”.
7.You will be contacted by a member of support staff as soon as possible.

To recover your account password, please begin with these steps:

1.Visit our password recovery page here.
2.Click “Forgot Password?”
2.Enter your email address.
3.Click “Send”.

If the system accepted your username, you’ll now receive an email in your inbox with a link to reset your password.

Everyone who has completed all the necessary elements for these types of survey will see the correct credit go directly into their balance total when the survey is processed. Please note that sometimes it takes a few hours for the reward to be credited into your account. Should a reward not appear within a few hours then please wait for up to 2 weeks for it to process. Some of our clients take a little longer to process rewards. Please be rest assured you will be rewarded what you are owed.

Unfortunately we can only distribute the links to the surveys once. In some cases you may receive the same survey twice, as we send reminders sometimes.

The majority of our surveys are open for a few days until we have reached the quota. However, some surveys are more popular than others, and close quickly.

We always try to limit the number of panellists we invite so that the panellists we do invite have a fair chance of answering the survey. We cannot always predict how popular a survey may be, and sometimes surveys unexpectedly close quickly.

Please note that not all Internet providers allow users to click on links within their email. If you are unable to gain access to our survey, please try the following:

Copy and paste the link from your email invitation into the browser address box, and press “Enter”. This will take you directly to the correct page.

Ensure that you copy the entire Web address into the browser, as sometimes the link can spread over two lines.

Make sure that when you copy the link it does not contain any line breaks, as this will also stop the link from working.

Surveys will vary in length, but will typically take less than 20 minutes to complete. Each invitation to participate in a survey will tell you how long it should take, and the survey deadline to respond by.

Your opportunity to be invited to a survey really depends on a number of factors, such as the number and types of surveys we are conducting at any one time, and your background information.

We will always email you if there is a new survey or profile update to take. Please ensure that your email provider is not blocking emails from Points for Opinions.

We try to ask such questions as gender, age, region, social grade etc., at the start of each survey, because we look for different types of people to answer surveys. You may not qualify for a survey for many different reasons (demographic criteria and/or consumer habits). We make sure that we place questions that could disqualify our members from the survey at the beginning.

You may be stopped from completing a survey because we have reached the desired number of respondents for your particular profile. The system closes the survey automatically once the desired number of respondents has been reached.

We recommend that you keep your profile up to date, as this will increase your chances of getting invited to surveys that are appropriate for you.

Once you have become a member of Points for Opinions, you will be immediately eligible for invitations to take part in research. Once we have a study for which you qualify, we will be more than happy to send you an invitation.

Log in, then from the main menu select “Account”, and click on the “Unsubscribe” tab.

Please check the following settings on your computer before contacting us:

Ensure that cookies are enabled.
Ensure that ISP settings are not blocking access to our website.
Remove Adware and/or Spyware from your system.
Ensure that your browser is not blocking access to our website.
Ensure that your anti-virus settings accept our website.
Ensure that your firewall settings accept our website.

If you still have any problem, please type manually www.pointsforopinions.co.uk into your browser rather than following the link after doing a survey.

Please note that passwords are case-sensitive, and check that your Caps Lock is switched off.

You can view your account balance and your pending credits anytime by signing into your Points for Opinions account and following these steps:

YOUR PROFILE > REDEEM REWARDS > Your balance is then displayed.

If you have any enquiries about any aspect of our surveys, or if you would like to make any suggestions to improve our service, please contact our Services Team via helpdesk@pointsforopinions.co.uk. To ensure a swift resolution of your query, please tell us what the subject of your enquiry is, and provide us with as much information as possible: for example survey number, voucher redemption date, etc.

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